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"......Package arrived today - the most well packed thing I think I have ever received ! Best £100 I've spent in a long while.
As described and looks immaculate. Thanks Stuart !......"

Porsche 944 Turbo Parts

Sorry, This item has been sold

  1. Crankshaft with flywheel
  2. Rods
  3. Pistons
  4. Cylinder Head
  5. Cam, followers etc in cam box
  6. Bellhousing
  7. Torque tube complete with collar
  8. Alternator
  9. Exhaust manifolds and downpipes complete with turbo
  10. Front cross member
  11. Aircon pump
  12. Oil pump
  13. Box of engine mount brackets, various brackets from engine and enginewiring loom, oil filler, oil pipes, new cam belt, plastic cam belt covers etc.
  14. Sump
  15. Cradle that bolts onto bottom of block.

All this is in good nick.

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  Porsche 944 Turbo Parts £1,200.00 Sold