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"......Package arrived today - the most well packed thing I think I have ever received ! Best £100 I've spent in a long while.
As described and looks immaculate. Thanks Stuart !......"

Porsche 968 M030 Suspension & Brake Kit

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Charley Arms for Porsche 968. Charley arms are well known for being beautifully machined and very robust, most serious 968 trackday enthusiasts or racers will look for these upgrades if the racing regs will allow. Aerospace 7075T7 aluminum. Then shaped on a CNC milling machine and finally hard anodized to a sleek satin finish. Features a replaceable spherical bearing ball joint with an enlarged 19mm ball joint pin made of a special aerospace alloy that has been mag-inspected and shot peened offering exceptional strength and durability. Also features a replaceable spherical bearing for the sub-frame mount with machined spacers for an exact fit and razor sharp performance. Autometric motorsports did some research to estimate how strong these arms actually are. Using a finite element analysis, They determined that even under extreme racing conditions, these arms will never fatigue and deflect less than 1mm! According to their analysis, a collision of over 50g is required to cause failure. Rare as rocking horse poo.
Porsche 968 M030 front hubs/spindles. Again, rare as rocking horse poo. These have already been adapted for the Charley Arms. Charlie Arms and Spindles together 1200.

M030 Calipers. The desired upgrade for a Porsche 968 braking system, no visible plate lift, seals look good. Includes the mounting bolts for M030 spindles. 300.

M030 Performance Friction pads. 12mm still left. 15 or free with the calipers.

Front and rear M030 discs. These discs have had almost no real use, there are no cracks and the original grinding marks can still be seen on the rotors. They are cross drilled and manufactured by Sebro. 200.

Having this whole kit to just bolt on to the car is a big advantage if you want to upgrade your 944 S2, 944 Turbo or 968 to M030 spec.

Porsche 968 M030 suspension & brakes.


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Porsche 968 M030 Suspension & Brake Kit Porsche 968 M030 Suspension & Brake Kit £1,900.00 Sold