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"......Package arrived today - the most well packed thing I think I have ever received ! Best £100 I've spent in a long while.
As described and looks immaculate. Thanks Stuart !......"

SOG Multitool

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SOG Multitool

It's a full kit including the SOG Multitool, the carrying pouch with quick release belt clip, the box and papers. This has the smooth geared opening mechanism which allows for one handed opening, it also has the compound lever mechanism which utilises the same principles as bolt cutters and means double the amount of force can be applied at the pliers, wire cutters or crimpers with the normal hand pressure.
The multitool incorporates in the handles a half serrated knife, a Philips screwdriver, a large flat screwdriver/prybar, a medium flat screwdriver, a small flat screwdriver, a can opener, a bottle opener, a 1/4" drill/hole punch and an awl/reamer.
The serrations on the knife blade help with the slightly tougher jobs like cutting through cardboard etc. the knife blade has a fine edge with a finely pointed tip and is extremely sharp.
Again the awl/reamer is extremely sharp and can be used for making holes in leather etc. the 1/4" drill/hole punch has an edge along one side which allows it to be 'drilled' into soft materials, I believe that this is designed for and used by the military in EOD work for making holes for detonators in C4 explosives and is commonly known as the C4 punch or spike. At the head of the multitool is the pliers section with the compound leverage mechanism and incorporates needle nosed pliers, standard pliers, wire cutters/strippers, large crimpers and small crimpers.

As with the rest of the SOG Multitool the pliers are very precisely machined which means that the teeth on the pliers interlock for much better grip of small items.

Here you can see the rule which is stamped into the handles as well as the loop attachment that can be swivelled round for a lanyard. It also shows the spring loaded power lock mechanism which is designed to lock the tools into place when they are opened.

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